Research and studio process

Current Studio Research. May 2024

Caboodle. 2024

Collaborative residency project with artists Emma O Hara, Ciara Rodgers, Fiona Kelly, Lynn-marie Dennehey, Maeve Lynch, Nic Flanagan, Peter Nash

Using the Studio 12 project space as an area for spontaneous creation and experimentation, the group developed a series of experimental working methods which embraced chance, consequence, and materiality.
The artists explored areas of overlapping research within their practices. This research includes architectures of power, environmental relationships, chaos, repetition and automation.

Machine’s Eye View. 2021.
Photographic series commissioned by Science Foundation Ireland.

I Never Forget a Face. 2020.
Drawing commissioned for New Light exhibition, Glucksman Gallery, Cork.

Life is More Than Your Hands Can Grasp. 2020.

The Future is Not Necessarily Set in Stone. 2019.
Armature and puppet making for stop-motion animation.

Doubt Ensemble. 2019.

The Paradise of The Heart. 2018.
Drawing and making process.